Executive Director

Thank you for your interest in the African American Museum of Beginnings AAMB. My name is Khalif Anderson Gordon Rasshan and I am a founding member and curator of the AAMB. Our community welcomes you to this site. As our community grows and builds bridges throughout America and the world, our exhibits, conferences, tutoring programs, and conferences, we encourage each and every one of you to make a deliberate contribution for the growth that will positively affect millions of people worldwide.

As we move into the completion of our fifth year as a permanent exhibit, we must give recognition to two women of vision. If it were not for efforts of these women in the early 1990’s, Gloria Morrison Stewart and her sister Alma Morrison Rahmaan demanded relevant cultural education for their children. Their model which AAMB uses may never have been implemented had it not been created by these woman. These sisters rallied their community and founded the first of its kind traveling African America Museum within the Pomona Unified School district and the Greater Pomona Valley. Their efforts have reached thousands of students who now teach their own children lessons of self-esteem and tolerance.